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Connect365: Continuing Care

Enhancing the Recovery Experience through Interactive Technology

Kansas Drug Rehabilitation’s Connect365 Program helps to bridge the gap between residential treatment and life in recovery. Together with a Recovery Coach, the participant is equipped with a support team, a recovery management system, and structure and accountability for one full year following treatment. This comprehensive continuum of care fosters healthy recovery by keeping the individual connected and engaged, one day at a time. Ongoing support and continued guidance promote lifelong recovery.

How It Works

At Kansas Drug Rehabilitation, we partner with patients on their journey of recovery. Connect365 features an effective and user-friendly management system that keeps the individual connected in long-term recovery. Once a continuing care plan has been established for the patient by the treatment team, he or she will be appointed a Kansas Drug Rehabilitation Recovery Coach. The patient logs in to the Connect365 portal daily via mobile device or computer, allowing the Recovery Coach to monitor progress and provide case management. The patient also relies on his or her support team, which is identified and approved prior to discharge, for accountability and additional encouragement.

Connect365 Benefits

  • Consistent support for one full year
  • No additional cost
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Personal Kansas Drug Rehabilitation Recovery Coach
  • Interactive platform for mobile device/computer
  • Convenient, secure messaging between participant, Recovery Coach, and support team (if desired)
  • Designated participant-identified support team
  • Random drug screens
  • Prevention assistance
  • Personal accountability
  • Support meeting log
  • Geo-locate capabilities
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Reporting tools for EAPs, legal affiliates, and licensing boards, as requested

The Recovery Coach

At Kansas Drug Rehabilitation, we believe the first year of recovery sets the stage for long-term success. In addition to monitoring activity on the Connect365 portal, the Recovery Coach will communicate with the individual on a weekly basis via phone and/or secure web chat. Detailed information, such as online posts and other confidential information as indicated by the participant, is shared only with the Recovery Coach. For 365 days post treatment, the Recovery Coach delivers individualized support and relapse prevention assistance.

The Support Team

During the patient’s initial meeting with his or her Recovery Coach, the support team is invited and given access to the interactive platform. As part of the support team, members have the opportunity to help and encourage the participant.

The support team does not serve as ‘recovery police.’ Rather, identified support members may review a weekly progress report that includes:

  • How often the participant logged in
  • The number of days sober (if applicable)
  • Recovery work progress

Connect365 allows support members the opportunity to see tangible behavior change, and to recognize warning signs before a relapse occurs. As always, we encourage members to find their own recovery support during this journey.

Experience the Miracle

Connect365 offers participants the tools they need to enjoy a strong recovery program and live the life they deserve. Our personalized support and advocacy services facilitate a smooth transition from treatment to the demands of everyday living. Kansas Drug Rehabilitation’s Connect365 Program helps to guide individuals on their recovery journey by promoting responsibility, accountability, and connection.

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